Anne in Ellabur Chapter 2 Karan’s Lair

Deep beneath the ground in a room, a man sat with a big book to his left and a cauldron to his right and potions brewing. In the room, voodoo dolls are in every nook and cranny. The man in his dark robe, as black as the shadows that surround him, was peering into a crystal ball on the table at which he sat with a raven at his side.

“Layla,” he said to the raven “how many years has it been since I started ruling this land?”

the raven replied: Let us see my lord, Alex was only 18 months old when we got rid of his parents but Alex disappeared. He is probably 23 years old now. Which means you have been ruling for almost 22 years.”

“The prophecy!” Karan shouted “it said I would only rule for 22 years before a girl from another land came.”

“so you think, my lord, the red headed girl you saw in the crystal ball is the one mentioned in the prophecy?” Laya asked, deeply concerned. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door

Karan shouts “Who is it?” the voice replied back “It is I the serving girl Leslie I thought you might be getting hungry down here.” “Come in then and leave the food,” Karan said. His attention went back to the raven as the girl set the food down on the table. “Yes, Layla, I do believe that the girl I saw is, indeed, the one mentioned in the prophecy. I want, no…I NEED you to keep an eye on her.”


“Yes, my lord,” Layla replied



One Response to “Anne in Ellabur Chapter 2 Karan’s Lair”

  1. GreenonePly Says:

    sorry took so long. I got busy with the kid. I voted too. great story

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