Maulaya’s mistress legacy rules

Actual rules:

  1. the “founder” is the Maulaya (“Master” in Arabic) his first wife MUST be from CAS  (but the generations that follow can have any kind of wife) and they can live in a “big house”
  2. in a separate house there must be 3 sim child-bearing women  (mistresses)
  3. the Maulaya must try 3 times for a son  with is 1st wife if she gets daughters all 3 times the Maulaya can divorce her (and get the ex-wife and the kids a new home) and marry a mistress  who has produce a son   (the triplets will count as 1 as a whole but if you ened up with 2 sets of  triplets you might want to quickly age up the 1st group of  triplets so the parents can try a 3rd time).
  4. No apples when female is pregant not unless you have several generations of girls
  5. I will have a 2 maybe 3 types of contests

Contests types:

1st contest which be for new mistresses/concubines sims when the current ones   either:

a)  become elder

b) die

c) become a new wife of the current Maulaya

2nd contest will be if more than one concubine has  produced sons the readers get to chose who will be the next wife

3rd contest will be if the wife (post concubine or not) have more than one son. You, the readers  choose who will be the heir

back to Actual rules:

6. If there are only girls born in one generation the last kid to be born becomes the heiress and can have “lovers”  and if her 1st husband doesn’t help produce boys she can divorce them and marry a lover. but the pattern repeats until you finally have a boy

7. No Ambroisa. there’s one exception to this rule you can use it for ghost children.

8. any life span

9.  the “No Jeously” LTR  for all the 3 female “mistresses” and the “Above reproach” LTR for both “Mistresses” and “Maulya”

rules you can choose to follow:

daughters of active household  must not join anything in teen years that is not music and art. Can learn cooking skill, and Gardening (as a child they can go into scouting since gives a boost to gardening). Boys can learn: shop, sports and drama and debate as teens and can use block table as a child.

married women  cover their hair.



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