Cider’s Strange Story

Hello there my name is Cider, I had a very strange summer.  You see after Fideo and Ella (my mom and dad) and I returned from our annual summer camping trip we found out my great-aunt (from my father’s side) had just died and he had inherited her mansion. I had only met this great-aunt, once when I was a baby.

My parents don’t want me calling them “Mom” and “Dad” they want me to call them by their first names because this family is very strange. So after we found out great-aunt March had left the house to Fideo, we started packing up the house to move to the mansion. Then when we got there, Fideo said: “Cider, there is a nursery on the third floor of the house. When Ella and I are cleaning up the house to make it into a boarding school. You should stay in the nursery O.K.?” I replied: “Yes, Fideo I will stay in the nursery”.

So I went inside and went up to the nursery and discovered a dusty big blue hardcover book. Did I mention that when Fideo was a child, he and his brothers and sisters had to share the nursery?  There was a rocking chair too in the nursery. So I picked up the book and sat down in the rocking chair and opened it and started reading it.

Then suddenly there was a flash of light and the next thing I knew was I was in the middle of “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Then what seems like hours later Ella calls: “Cider, where are you?” and I got out of the book and said: “Ella, I’m in the nursery because Fideo said I shouldn’t be in your way.”  Ella responded: “Okay but supper will be ready in a bit.”

I returned to the mysterious book and landed myself in “Oliver Twist”. Then supper was ready and I had to leave my book. Both times it seemed like hours but it wasn’t it was only ten minutes from literally falling in to being “called out of the book.”The next day I fell into the more famous known Shakespeare plays. Then I fell into “Pride and Prejudice”, “Jane Erye”, and  “Robin Hood”.  On the last day of summer I fell into Louisa May Alcott’s “The Little Women” , “Good Wives”, and “Jo’s Boys”.

During recess a girl and ask: “My name is Sara. Would you like to be my friend?” I replied: “OK. My name is Cider, I would love to have a friend because I’m new in the area.” Sara asked: “On Friday can I come over for a sleep over?”. (I asked my mom that night)  and she said yes and then the next day I answered Sara. Then Friday came and Sara come over and we started reading the book and the flash of light and I said: “Oh no not again!”

The End

One Response to “Cider’s Strange Story”

  1. sarah Says:

    lov this 😀

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